Windows 7 Crack

April 8th, 2013

Windows 7 Crack

Windows 7 is unquestionably the most popular operating system out there as of now.  The only people who are still using XP/Vista are those who aren’t very tech savvy, are very out of date or simply don’t have the resources to upgrade. The latter is  a serious issue. Windows 7 costs up to $400 for the ultimate edition and not anyone can afford to put an amount of money that big on an operating system. However, since Windows XP and Vista are both full of security threats, we felt that it’s our duty to help people out. Below you can download either a fresh install of windows 7, already pre-cracked or if you do not wish to reinstall your operating system, you can download our free Windows 7 Keygen as well.

Option 1 – Download our free Windows 7 Keygen

If you already have Windows 7 and do not wish to re-install your operating system but have the “This copy of Windows isn’t genuine” problem, you should download our Windows 7 Keygen. The current version of our tool works for each type of windows 7 :

  • Home Premium
  • Home Basic
  • Ultimate
  • Starter
  • Enterprise
  • Professional


1. Download our Windows 7 Keygen below.

Windows 7 Download

2. Pick the version of Windows 7 you have from the dropdown box.

3. Copy the code presented to you.

4. When windows asks you to validate itself, paste the code in and you’re done.

5. Enjoy a legit copy of Windows 7.

Option 2 – Install a pre-cracked version of Windows 7

If you’re currently running on Windows XP/Vista, you will want to download a pre-cracked version of Windows 7. This is very simple to do and you will not have to worry about validating the operating system yourself. Simply download our copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, burn it on a CD, install it and enjoy it !


1. Download our cracked Windows 7 Ultimate copy below.
Windows 7 Crack Download
2. Take the ISO file and either place it on an USB stick or burn it on a DVD/CD.

3. Plug in the USB or insert the disc and reboot your computer.

4. Select boot from disc/USB when prompted the question.

5. Follow the official Windows 7 installation instructions prompted on the screen and you’re done.

6. Enjoy free Windows 7 Ultimate !