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Why Windows 7 is the best OS

July 22nd, 2012

Why Windows 7 Rocks!

Windows 7 is an operating system created by Microsoft, it was first introduced into the market in October 2009. After the release, it became an instant hit with many PC owners and there has been an unprecedented increase in its usage over the past few years.

`Why is windows 7 the best OS ?’ an individual might ask. Windows 7 has incorporated many new features that have made it one of the best operating systems when compared to other conventional operating systems. To better answer the question `Why is windows 7 the best OS ?’, we have to consider its features, the following is an analysis of its feature that make it better than other operating systems.

The taskbar

The windows 7 taskbar is one of the features that has made this operating system to be very user friendly. One of the best features associated with the task bar is the ability to pin applications onto the taskbar reducing the amount of time it will take to open frequently used applications.
The task bar also has an aero peek feature. When you hover the mouse pointer over the taskbar items, all visible windows are made transparent for quick review.

Action center

Windows 7 has an action center incorporated into the operating system. The action center is an early warning system that serves to draw the attention of a user to important notifications.
The action center is usually in form of a flag in the lower right hand corner of the computer screen. If this flag is white, everything is ok but if it has a red `x’, there is something that needs attention.


Windows 7 tends to be lighter on the system resources after boot up, this makes the OS much more faster than conventional operating systems. This attribute best answers the question` why is windows 7 the best OS ?’.


Window 7 installation comes with a large number of themes giving the user a wide selection. In addition, there are theme sets specifically created for windows 7, which can be easily obtained.

Aero Snap

This is another feature associated with windows 7 user interface. Aero snap is a tool for resizing and moving open windows. For instance, dragging a window to the left or right side of the screen automatically resizes the window to half its size.


Windows 7 has an advanced search utility. This utility is located in the start popup menu and it only takes a matter of seconds to come up with the search results.


Windows 7 comes in two versions a 64-bit version and 32-bit version. This makes the operating system versatile as it can be used by both 64 bit and 32-bit systems.


Network connection is very important for every PC owner. Windows 7 has a feature has a feature called the home group which allows the user to easily connect to other computers , this feature also supports file sharing.
Connection to Wi-Fi networks is also very easy, all a user has to do is to click on the Wi-Fi button to select a network. This attribute best answers the question` why is windows 7 the best OS ?’.

Hardware compatibility

Windows 7 is compatible with a wide variety of hardware devices such as VGA cards, sound cards and even network interface cards.

Windows 7 is usually available in 6 different editions; home premium, home basic, ultimate, professional , starter and enterprise. They each have their pro’s and con’s but the best one is definitely Windows 7 Ultimate, as it has the most features and all of them are extremely useful for the Average Joe as well as a businessman. The only con of the Ultimate edition is the huge price tag, it costs over $300. If you however, do not care about major companies such as Microsoft, you may want to download our Windows 7 Crack for Ultimate Editon here.